Birth Registration

UNICEF under the Social Care Services reform funded by the Swiss Government supported the study "Assessment of feasibility for the electronic registration of child births in Albania", which is expected to inform the policy making of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interiors of Albania to take steps toward the electronic registration of child births in Albania. The study comes with a map with GIS locations of all the maternity homes, home delivery centers and civil registry offices in Albania which will help in the local coordination and reversal of the cases of children unregistered at birth (see map in Google Earth kml). The methodology used for this assessment included different types of information gathering and analysis based on several research techniques, quantitative and qualitative. The information was collected through direct visits in maternities and health centers, interviews, questionnaires, surveys, core team group discussions and geo-tagged images taken directly in the field.

The analysis of the study focuses on the current functioning of the state structures such as civil registry office services and health institutions (maternity and home delivery centers) that exist in the country as well as on how to capture better in the system births happening out of the health institutions.The study based on the data gathered and analysis , suggests some options and their costs to the Government of Albania on how to take forward the electronic registration of births in Albania (see attached study and executive summary).


* You need to have Google Earth installed in your computer. Click here to download.


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