Albania Reads

"Albania Reads”, is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education and Sciences and UNICEF, and supported non-government partners. It promotes reading and quality pre-school education for Albanian children.

The project has been generously supported by private businesses in and out of Albania. IKEA, AMC, Vodafone, Raiffeisen Bank, AC Milan, the National Committees for UNICEF and others joined up to bring books to children. In March 2011, 943 kindergartens have been equipped with libraries and quality books for young children. Endpoint delivery has been controlled with GPS equipped cameras and can be viewed on Google Earth, identifying each single building.

You may click here to download the KML file for viewing the locations of kindergartens and pictures saved according to their GPS location in Google Earth*

Albania Reads - Kindergartens equipped with books

The above is only a screenshot

* You need to have Google Earth installed in your computer. Click here to download.


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