Social Services map

Social Services Mapping in Albania is the first electronic map that provides complete and updated information on the number of services in the country, their geographic coverage, typology and capacities.

This map was drafted with the aim to identify the existing services, their typology, location and, through the provided information, institutions can measure the coverage of the population with social services.

The services aim to support categories and individuals in need. Introduction of their geographical coverage and typology for the first time will enable the identification of shortcomings in real time. This information will help to integrate efforts of central and local government and all other actors working in the services area, as well as to draft comprehensive policies, through allocation of relevant funds for extension of these services throughout the country and in every area, whether rural or urban.

Based also on Mapping findings, MoLSAEO, will draft and implement policies that enhance extension of services throughout the country and cover all the community with social services, based on the needs identified by this actual situation snapshot.
The map will provide information to everyone who is interested to know the nearest services location, kinds of provided services, admission criteria, and relevant contacts for further information will be found in it.

Central and local institutions will benefit from advantages that this mapping provides to identify the community needs in real time.
All institutions – police, local government, health centers, teachers, social workers in schools – that are obliged by law to refer cases of categories in need to specific services, will find all necessary information that will help them refer individuals or group of individuals in need.

Ministry of Labor has undertaken a wide reform for Social Services, and mapping of these services constitutes the first step of this reform.
In the framework of social services reform, the two main priorities are:
- Decentralization of services – increasing role and responsibility of local government and,
- Deinstitutionalization of social services, through transition of services to ‘family home’ type, residential social services to community services, so that the individual is helped and supported in the same environment where he/she lives.

A collection of PowerPoint presentations with more information related to Social care and Child Protection can be downloaded here (ZIP size 9.5 MB)

Mapping of Social Services
is made possible thanks to a common work and engagement of MoLSAEO, State Social Service and its Regional Offices, UNICEF and Word Vision and contribution of the National Center for Social Studies.

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This page was last updated on 29 March 2012