Street Children in Albania 2013

The Study on Children in Street Situation in Albania is conducted in the framework of Social Services Reform by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth in collaboration with UNICEF and Save the Children. ARSIS, GFK and an international expert have been appointed to carry out the Study from May 2013 to February 2014.

This is the first national qualitative and quantitative assessment of children in street situation carried out in Albania, providing a baseline for this phenomenon. The main aim of the study is to give key stakeholders a thorough and extensive understanding of all issues and numbers surrounding this target group, for the definition and review of the policy agenda and to plan current and future interventions.

This study is for the benefit of relevant government bodies/agencies, as well as civil society organisations to support the development of new strategies regarding children in street situation and to improve service provision for these children and other support mechanisms needed in prevention and protection for them and their families.


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